Example Node-RED MCP23017

This is a simple working Node-Red example for a Raspberry PI with an GPIO Port extender MCP23017. It is easy possible to control the MCP23017 with Node-RED.

Here a screenshots from the devices. The description on developer page is not really good. We needed 2 days for the right settings. It is really simple.

The overview Example Node-RED MCP23017

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OpenWRT Read-only file system

OpenWRT Unsaved Changes

Problem: OpenWRT Rooter LeMaker is running on a Banana Pi. Now the modem monitoring system is rebooting the router every 5 minutes without a reason.

Reason: The SD is corrupt – Files System has a problem. We can read this also in the System Log and in the Kernel Log. If we try to install new software in the OpenWRT we get this error:

Collected errors:

 * wfopen: //usr/lib/opkg/info/libext2fs.control: Read-only file system. Continue reading “OpenWRT Read-only file system”

Raspberry Pi with I2C Port expander MCP23017 16 Relay switching

In this example we connected a Raspberry Pi 3 with 3 relay boards via MCP23017 I2C port expander and switch the relays.
You can control 16 relays via MCP23017. Via the I2C port of the Raspberry Pi you can control up to 8 MCP23017 (you can assign 8 different addresses to the MCP23017). So you could easily control 128 relays.


The Raspberry Pi does not have enough power to switch 16 relays !! An additional power supply must be connected. We have connected an additional breadboard power supply.
To control the relays with the Raspberry Pi via a port expander MCP23017 must be activated on the Raspberry Pi I2C. This can be done by the raspi-config by command line or via the desktop Raspberry PI Configuration.

Raspberry Pi I2C Enable
Raspberry Pi I2C Enable

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Windows 10 Reset Password How to

It is always a problem if you lost your password. But with this how to “ Windows 10 Reset Password” you can easy change your password. A forgotten Password in Windows 10 is not a problem. There are many ways to reset the password. We will show you in different ways to reset the password.

This example is for people they don’t have a MS Windows 10 boot DVD or boot USB stick. Nowadays computers are coming unfortunately without  a Windows 10 on a DVD or USB stick to recover the system. The Windows system is only installed on the hard disk but no CD; DVD or stick. So the most users forget to create a recovery stick or disk.

Windows 10 Reset Password How to with Linux USB boot stick

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How to create a bootable USB stick

There are may free tools you can use to create a bootable USB stick. In this howto we explain how to create on a Windows System a bootable USB stick with Universal-USB-Installer.

With this freeware tool you can create every bootable USB stick. The tool put the ISO image file bootable on the USB stick.

How to create a bootable USB stick

Download the Universal-USB-Installer from the original developer website pendrivelinux.com. The tool needs no installation. You can start them only.

Start the program Universal-USB-Installer.

In the first line you must select the system you like to flash on the USB stick. Continue reading “How to create a bootable USB stick”