OpenWRT Read-only file system

Problem: OpenWRT Rooter LeMaker is running on a Banana Pi. Now the modem monitoring system is rebooting the router every 5 minutes without a reason.

Reason: The SD is corrupt – Files System has a problem. We can read this also in the System Log and in the Kernel Log. If we try to install new software in the OpenWRT we get this error:

Collected errors:

 * wfopen: //usr/lib/opkg/info/libext2fs.control: Read-only file system.

 * wfopen: //usr/lib/opkg/info/libext2fs.postinst: Read-only file system.

 * wfopen: //usr/lib/opkg/info/libext2fs.prerm: Read-only file system.


Also in the top of the web interface we can see, there are many “Unsaved changes”.

OpenWRT Unsaved Changes
OpenWRT Unsaved Changes

The system can’t write to the disk. Also we can’t install any tools to check the file system.

Solution OpenWRT Read-only file system:

Create a backup from you System ( System – Backup / Flash Firmware). Then remove the SD card from your Banana PI and flash the OpenWRT again! There is now way to fix the problem.

OpenWRT backup
OpenWRT backup

When you’re a finished then you can Restore backup. So you get all settings back to your router. Only additional software you have to install again.

Solution 2: OpenWRT Read-only file system

If on your router has installed the e2fsck pack, you can run

e2fsck /dev/root


e2fsck -fcvy /dev/root

You can put this in the Local Startup!

You must confirm all questions with Y. Then reboot the router.

Then you should enable the “Check Files System” on your router to prevent errors.

You will find this option on System – Mount Points


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